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Capstone Academy and Preschool believes that children learn best when they are in their Optimal Learning Zone. When students are not in their “Optimal Learning Zone” they tend to get bored, over-whelmed, can lose interest in learning, and therefore lose valuable learning opportunities. At Capstone, our students are actively engaged in positive and productive activities that interest them and challenge them to reach their full potential.

Capstone Graduation - Capstone Child Care Academy


Our goals include building each student’s:

Competence - Capstone Academy and Preschool Goals


Abilities in language, numbers and interest in books.

Autonomy - Capstone Academy and Preschool Goals


The ability to initiate, ask questions and make appropriate choices.

Cooperation - Capstone Academy and Preschool Goals


Enhanced self-concept and other concepts developed through group activity and shared experiences.

Creativity - Capstone Academy and Preschool Goals


The ability to construct new products, think of new ideas and find alternative solutions.

Preschool Children will be taught how to identify:

Sounds, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, their name, different animal species, counting, etc.

We also do the following on a daily basis:

Listen to music, develop rhythm by movements, story telling, assist children in communicating emotions and feelings, follow directions, practice manners, greet properly, social play, feed and dress dolls, etc.

We will assist in the development of the following skills:

Jumping, folding, pushing, pulling, squeezing, opening, closing, throwing, self feeding, picking up after themselves, stuffing, cutting, climbing, balancing, sliding, etc.

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